18 Ways To Add New Life To Your Hardware

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Antique Your Hardware with a bit of blue-gray paint - A Tammy Conner design in Atlanta Homes magazine.

Adding life to your cabinetry is sometimes as easy as a dot of paint. Instead of painting your entire cabinetry in a bright, bold color, why not start out small. Adding hand painted hardware is a great way to bring in your unique style and color motif without having to invest a lot of time or money. There are so many beautiful and unique hand painted knobs for sale that you will have a hard time picking just one style! Here are some great choices for your home:

1. Clocks – Clocks have a classic style all their own. There is just something about the clock face that draws us to it. Bring that classic style to your cabinetry with clock painted knobs. They come in a variety of styles from classic black and white to more colorful Alice in Wonderland living clocks. You can even have a different time for each time zone. Know the time in London, Paris, New York and more by simply checking out your cabinetry!

2. Pastel – Make it simple with classic wood knobs painted in pale pastels. The delicate coloration will bring a touch of whimsy to your cabinetry. A very thin coat of pastel paint can let the wood grains show through, making it look rustic and antique.

3. Nautical – Go fishing with cute nautical themed knobs. From anchors to lifesavers to ships and sails, the sea blue combined with darker shades of blue, red and stark white give your cabinetry a cute beach feeling. Accessorize with sea shells and lanterns for an on the boat feel.

4. Chipped – For a rustic and homey feel, buy used knobs with the paint chipping off. Not only will they give your home an antique flair, but they add visual interest and texture. Just make sure the paint is not lead based before you buy it!

5. Paris – Ah, sweet Paris. The home of a million stories, a thousand songs, and everyone’ dreams. From the Eiffel tower to the Arc de Triumphe, Paris is a city full of charm, fashion and grace. Bring that charm into your home with Paris themed drawer pulls and knobs. Pink and black are elegant and still Parisian, with accents of white to bring out the contrast. Add a few French words and phrases for an authentic feel.

Acro Window Markers Tacks Complete Set of 25 Numbers 500x375 18 Ways To Add New Life To Your HardwareAcro Window Markers Tacks Complete Set of 25 Numbers

Hardware Ideas Vintage TACKS 1948 OLD STOCK 17 Dollars1 415x418 18 Ways To Add New Life To Your HardwareHardware Ideas Vintage TACKS 1948 OLD STOCK  $17 Dollars

These are vintage marker "tacks" with a complete set numbered 26 through 50. They are pewter/gun metal colored BUT they are a "rustproof white brass" as indicated on the back of the box. The top of each measures approximately 1/2 inches in diameter or just a little smaller than a dime. They are on the original cardboard "box" and it is dated "1948". These were originally utilized to mark lockers, stock bins, drawers and windows. Utilize them as is or paint them, gold leaf them etc. These do have "tack" backs just like an upholstery tack so they could be utilized as found or clip the tack off with wire cutters and incorporate them into something wonderful!

6. Glass – Glass knobs can be changed up many different ways. But whether you frost them, add glitter, or just paint them they stand out above all the rest. If you want to add texture as well as color you can purchase plain glass knobs with different variations and then bring them together with a thin coat of paint or colored glazing.

7. Ceramic – A colorful ceramic knob is beautiful in its own right, but you can make it fit your style even more. If your ceramic knob has a metal center, try painting a delicate white flower around it. The paint will rise up above the ceramic, bringing both definition and texture to a once plain piece. You can also do lots of small designs like chevrons and paisley to add texture to a plain knob.

8. Shapes – A shaped knob is a great find by itself, but add a splash of color and it gets even better. Just think how cute a collection of bird shaped knobs would be painted in bright primary colors and scattered across your kitchen. What a great way to spice up cabinetry without going overboard!

9. Delicate – For a more delicate look, why not go pink? Pale pink knobs painted with vines and tiny dark pink roses add a splash of feminine to any room. Accent the color with pink and white checks around the base.

10. Metal – Even a metal knob can be spruced up with a touch of paint. Bold blue painted in the creases of an antique door knob add flair to your doorway. Or you can outline the details of a textured metal knob with white to bring out the style.

11. Fruit – A kitchen is a great place to bring your love of fruit and vegetables into your home’s style. Hand painted fruits like lemons, oranges, apples, and pears make adorable pictures on knobs. You can also choose colorful veggies like carrots, eggplant, cabbage, and beets. Add a few leaves for a touch of green and you have a fun, fruity kitchen accessory.

12. Black and White – The classic black and white theme has been around for ages. Bring it to your cabinetry by painting your knobs in a checkered black and white pattern, sort of like a chess board. You can even do swirls of black and white for a less formal appearance or really bring things out with black and white polka dots. You can also change it up by painting your knobs in alternating colors of black and white against a different colored background.

13. Circles –Painting stripes or circles on your knobs is a great way to add interest and you do not need any painting skills to do it. Simply paint the knob a light color and then use rubber bands or thin strips if tape to create circles and paint over in a darker color. When the paint dries, remove the tape or bands and you have perfect circles in contrasting colors.

14. Impressionist – Make an impression on your cabinets with impressionist style knobs. Pick colors you like and just paint. The colors bring the knobs together and you can literally create any shape you want while still maintaining their connection with one another.

15. Wordsmith – A great idea for hand painted knobs is to use the opportunity to write down what is contained in each drawer or cabinets. A wonderful idea for special areas, like a hope chest or drawer, you can write phrases like “Favorite Things to Keep Forever” or even “Grandma’s Silver”. You can also use words or phrases from your favorite poems and stories. “Once Upon a Time”, “They Lived Happily Ever After” and “To Be or Not To Be” are just some ideas that could fit on a knob.

16. Lettering – another idea that would appeal to the book lovers of the world is lettering your knobs. From your initials to just the alphabet in order, stencils of the letters can be easily used to create one of a kind knobs for your cabinetry that look store bought. For a typewriter look, try painting the knobs black and painting the letters on in white, with the appropriate font of course.

17. Stamps – Stamps are another easy and fun way to add appeal to your knobs. From birds to crowns to trees, stamps come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to fit any style. Stamp on directly with paint or use ink to stamp on the image and then trace over it with paint and a fine brush.

18. Labels – Another great word idea is to paint labels on your knobs. The cabinet that holds your coffee, for example, could say “coffee” or you could get fancy and say “café”. If you speak another language or want to look it up you could literally label your whole kitchen with fun to read words and accessorize them with a flourish of calligraphy.

There are so many great ideas that you can create at home or purchase. Hand painted knobs are easy to personalize to your tastes and desires. So, whether you like wooden knobs, old knobs, new knobs, glass knobs, or ceramic knobs, you can find a knob that fits your style. With just a little paint and some thought, any knob can be made into a one of a kind masterpiece that shows off both your talent and your good taste. Have fun and keep your style alive!

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