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Getting the Vintage Look

In a previous post, we profiled Out of the Blue Design Studios, which makes a unique range of glass door knobs. The studio’s colourful and fun collection of handmade knobs makes a real feature of any cabinet door, and complements a kitchen by adding a quirky twist and element of intrigue. One thing is for sure; the overall look and feel of a kitchen can be totally transformed and completed through choosing the right door knobs and handles. For this post, we explore that theory further.

One look that people often strive to achieve is “vintage”. Shabby chic cabinets are going through a phase of popularity as people seek to convey a feeling of days gone by. Distressed wood and classic cottage-style cabinets are in demand now, more than ever, as people seek to break away from the boom-time trend of inoffensive and clinical plain units.

However, as we know, the overall style of a kitchen much depends on the finishing touches. A traditional Victorian cabinet, for example, would be pointless if then paired with a 20cm-long stainless steel pull.

One company that has a superb selection of vintage knobs perfect for any traditional ‘boutique’ style kitchen is Abodent. The company, which ships internationally, sells a huge range of unique and individual handmade kitchen cabinet knobs. Even better, the knobs are available at very reasonable prices.

Embellished knobs

One great design is the company’s range of embellished orb kitchen door knobs. The knobs – which feature blue, green, red or black embellishment over a cream ceramic background – are traditionally globe-shaped, and are meticulously detailed with light and dark shades, and a “distressed” cracked appearance. Priced at between seven and eight dollars, these knobs will add finishing touches to any vintage kitchen at a very reasonable price.

Bulbs reworked

The bulb – or flower – is a very common and popular vintage door knob shape. One design – pictured – that is definitely worth taking a look at is Abodent’s Goji Twist Coloured Glass Knob. Like “rediscovered vintage gems,” according to the site, the dainty amber coloured knobs resemble the Goji berry, reflecting its deep yet translucent shades.

The Goji Twist’s classic bulb shape and neutral colours mean it is well-suited to a range of vintage kitchen units. Abodent stresses that, as all of its knobs are handmade, the exact sizes of them vary. However, this just adds to the character they offer. Handmade by Indian craftsmen, the Goji Twist knobs also feature distressed metal fittings and air bubbles, adding to their authenticity and appeal.

Crystal and clear glass

Another popular vintage trend was for crystal and clear glass, which was traditionally cut into a range of attractive flower shapes. Abondent’s Crystallised Dew Flower Pull door knobs capture this traditional trend perfectly. “Like frozen dew on a winter morn,” Abodent boasts that these knobs will “catch your eye every time.” Made of clear acrylic and a golden metal frame, each individual crystal drop has been bonded together to create a really beautiful show piece.

Blue skies and sycamore seeds

Another beautiful door knob is Abodent’s Dried Sycamore Seed knob - also pictured. The company describes the light blue and red knob as a “scattering of sycamore seeds in a cornflower blue sky”. Each knob is hand-painted, and made in India, and the sky blue colour is complemented perfectly with gold hardware and fastenings.

Button knobs

Abodent does a great range of button door knobs, another style that was popular in traditional Edwardian kitchens. Its black button cabinet knobs give kitchen units that sought-after antique feel. They come in two sizes – “big and bulky” or “sweet and small” and are made of ceramic pottery. Grab the large ones for just under eight dollars each or the small ones for a little over five dollars.

Finishing touches

Cabinet knobs are the last pieces that will be fitted when a new kitchen is installed. First, you’ll need to think about removing your old kitchen, selecting your new kitchen hardware, and then choosing a work surface. The list of things you’ll need to think about is endless; you might even need to think about insulation removal if you have a particularly old kitchen, as many contain old foam systems that could have drastically deteriorated. At this point, the last things you’re probably stopping to think about are cabinet knobs. However, as this blog post shows, the finishing touches are worth thinking about in the beginning as they have such a drastic effect on your kitchen’s overall appearance.

We are sure that Abodent’s selection will offer something for every designer looking to create a truly beautiful and authentic vintage style kitchen. We could easily spend hours browsing through their fun collection!

Images copyright: Abodent (www.abodent.com)

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