5 Gorgeous Kitchens with Boldly Colored Cabinets

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By Jane Blanchard

My childhood cabinetry experiences were pitched battles of kid versus cupboard. 11-year-old me faced off against 60-year-old cabinets. My weapons were naught but 80-grit sandpaper and my mother’s ultimatum: “Get the job done, or you skip dinner.” Rightly terrified, I pitched in with all the fervor of Tom Sawyer whitewashing his fence. After hand-sanding 100 square feet of high-gloss enamel, I realized that painting a cabinet was something best done once, done well.

So here’s to five homeowners (and their kitchens) who took my lesson to heart.

Victorian Opulence

Welcome to the William Wallace of bold cabinetry. This eclectic kitchen is in an 1843 home and thus borrows liberally from Victorian charm. Black granite countertops crown cabinets colored a bright, coppery burgundy. Even in a room full of exquisite detail, the two-tone cabinets stand out for their inset paneling and golden coats-of-arms.

A U-shaped aisle and central island allow a chef to access sink, stove and counter while pivoting about one foot. Note that, unlike a multicolored Queen Anne aesthetic, the kitchen uses the same reddish motif for the cabinets as the curtains, chandelier and flags.

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Cottage Charm

Green is a difficult color to pull off in a kitchen. Just ask the 1970s, when avocado-colored appliances made colorblindness a blessing, not a handicap.

This invigorating country kitchen boasts bold green cabinetry set afire by sunlight from the bank of skylights. The green is a visual stepping stone between the dark, textured limestone floor and the simple white ceiling. Woven baskets and wooden countertops preserve the charm; a suspended island pot n’ dish rack roof preserves the awe.

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Contemporary Sheen

Painting with yellow is like shooting with a 50-caliber rifle. Don’t miss. A misfire can leave a kitchen looking like a blown up fruit basket. A bull’s eye can leave a kitchen looking sunny, cozy and friendly – like sunlight, sans skin cancer.

This contemporary kitchen mixes high-gloss banana yellow with industrial stainless steel for a jaw-dropping effect. The flat-faced European cabinets help break up the sea of high-octane color. Note that since yellow reflects so much visible light, the homeowner wisely wielded it as a monochromatic color scheme.

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Sheer Rustic

A naked kitchen is secure in its cuisine. This L-shaped kitchen features bare, flat-faced cabinets with no ornamentation besides brown handles. Exposed timber beams and a vintage hardwood floor make the place look like a Daniel Boone hideaway.

Remember that even bare cabinets require a waterproofing polyurethane sealant to prevent rotting and cracking. Homeowners who plan to leave their cabinets in the nude should shop for maple, mahogany, cherry and other premium woods.

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Take a look at these distressed, blue cabinets.

Get it? “Distressed” and “blue”?

Ahem. Anyways, this kitchen offers little structural excitement. No Victorian woodcarving or Art Deco chandeliers or Contemporary breakfast bars here. But the kitchen does have cabinets painted a rich blue with a distressed faux finish, and that color alone rescues the room. Brown and beige lay siege to the kitchen, but it manages to stay special thanks to its stalwart blue. Because you don’t need a $50,000 kitchen to be bold. All you need is paint, 80-grit sandpaper, and an ultimatum: “Get the job done."

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