5 Tips for Buying Cabinets Online

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You’ve worked hard all day, and the last thing you want to do is drag yourself through crowded home improvement stores looking at cabinets. Skip the stores, put on your comfy pants, and find those cabinets online.

Shopping online for cabinets is not as daunting as you may think. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have those beautiful new cabinets installed in your home before you can say “virtual shopping cart.”

Get Out the Measuring Stick

Before you get online and fall in love with a beautiful set of cabinets, take measurements. You don’t want to waste time drooling over the perfect cabinets only to find out they will never fit in your home. Knowing the correct measurements will also narrow your search results and give you more time to relax.

Do Your Homework

Take time to read online reviews for the top places to buy cabinets online. Look for recalls or bad reviews for cabinet makers. Also, make sure you know exactly what materials you want to purchase. There is a difference between the price and longevity of solid oak and that of particle board, so make sure you know how much you want to spend and how long you want your cabinets to last.

Stick to Brands You Know

So many stores now offer their services online. Chances are some of your favorite places to shop for cabinets have an online store, so you can skip the store and shop at home. All of the big home improvement stores have large varieties of cabinets available online, too. Try to stay away from companies you do not know in order to avoid the risk of shopping with an unreliable company.

Also, shop for cabinet brands you know you can trust. You want these cabinets to last a very long time. Untried brands tend to break down quickly, and it will be hard to find replacement parts easily.

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Read the Fine Print

If you aren’t a master craftsman, then you need to make sure to include installation charges with your cabinet order. Some online stores offer installation with the price of the cabinets. If installation is included, then you probably won’t have to worry about shipping costs either.

Also, some large home improvement stores contract workers to install cabinets. Make sure to ask the name of the installers and do your homework to insure their reputation is good. A bad installer can ruin your brand new cabinets.

Make sure the online business offers a warranty and return policy for your cabinets and the installation. A good company will always stand behind their products and work.

And finally, be sure to buy cabinets that can be updated if needed. You may like white cabinets today, but five years from now, you may want brown cabinets. Check to see if the surface of the cabinets can be re-painted and if you can easily add new handles or other hardware as time goes on.

Save Time

The point of shopping online is to make shopping easier. Don’t get weighed down with extra phone calls or waiting periods. Make sure the online store offers mobile payments so you can instantly pay for your cabinets the moment you make your final decision.  Also, be sure to check on shipping dates. Some companies may have a three- to six-week waiting period for shipping.

Just remember that shopping online for cabinets can be a lot of fun. The variety and choices are almost endless with online shopping, and chances are you will find the perfect cabinets for your home with just a click of the mouse. Make sure you follow these simple steps and relish the thought of skipping the labyrinth of home improvement stores.

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