5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Gentinetta Family Cottage Library 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

 Gentinetta Family Cottage Library- Southern Living Magazine

Whether you just said goodbye to your oldest or your youngest, chances are a room opened up that you haven't had access to in a while. Sure he or she will come home from college to visit every once in awhile, but for the majority of the time the space will go unused— unless you revamp it. Take control and makeover the area into a room you'll have more use for:

Hobby Room

Clear out hardly used items and make your spare room into a space you'll actually use. If you want a place for guests but they only visit once a year, invest in a small couch that converts into a bed. Then, depending on your hobby, pair it with a table, shelving units and cube organizers for materials. Ottomans that double as storage units make it possible for you to hide and have easy access to fabric, thread, glue or paint while still providing ample seating.

Media Mania

If you clear your living room of the enormous TV, you'll be able to decorate however you want. Put it and all the cords, piles of DVDs and comfy couches that go with it in your spare room. Because it's dedicated to movie watching and media, you don't have to decorate with any thing else in mind. Remove overhead light fixtures and opt for cans or lamp lighting instead. Paint the walls in dark blues or browns and use floor-length grommet curtains in similar colors to block out sunlight. For some added fun, mount vintage posters from your favorite movies to the walls and accent them with recessed lighting.

Put it On Display

Do you collect something or have a life time of memories you'd like to display? Dedicating a whole room to your favorite mementos enables you to fully enjoy them (instead of just tucking them away for safe keeping). Use shadow boxes and recessed lighting to accent family heirlooms. Uncover your children's certificates, sports trophies and beauty pageant sashes and hang them on the wall. Frame and mount family photos from years past. Include a bench or chaise lounge under the window to turn the area into a place you go to relax and remember.

For the Grandkids

Even if your house isn't decked out in breakables, kids still appreciate a place they can freely play. Dedicate your spare room to your grandchildren. Decorate depending on their age. For younger kids, baby-proof the room and include a bassinet or crib for when baby stays over and needs a nap. For toddlers, consider covering an accent wall in chalkboard paint and providing baskets of colorful chalk. Designate a shelf, magnet board or wire ran between two knobs as a place for kids to display their artwork. A thick rug, sturdy table and ample storage units are all items they won't outgrow.


Even if you appreciate the new age of e-readers, turning your spare room into a library may still be appealing. You can dust off your favorite bound books and put them on shelves to rest until the pages beckon for you to open them again. Built-in bookshelves will give you more floor space so you can add a desk and several chairs to the mix. Create a reading nook in the corner complete with a comfy chair, throw blanket and reading lamp.

Authored By Marie Bernard A Native of Paris, Marie now lives in Virginia, where she also teaches French to college students.

Inspirational Art Studios 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

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Martha Stewart Furniture 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Home Decorators Collection and Martha Stewart Living is a line of craft furniture designed to organize your crafts.  The pieces are based on the custom-made furniture that is found in Martha's own personal craft rooms. This furniture is specifically designed for avid crafters who need special furniture for their crafting projects.

Use Your Garage

Running out of space? Transform your basement or attic with cabinetry. Consider a used armoire for the endless over-sized tools. Consider staining your concrete a lighter beige to make the space look cleaner and paint the walls a coordinating green to make this room a usable extension of your home. Work with existing furniture, and match up your previous collection by painting your existing furniture and accessories green.

Marthas Craft Room 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare RoomMarthas Craft Room2 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare RoomMarthas Craft Room3 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room
Sasha Waddell Interiors 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Sasha Waddell Interiors also has a collection of furniture inspired by the classic simplicity of American utilitarian designs of the 1930s. The color looks almost identical to Martha Stewarts. Look how she matches up the magazine holders with the same color that is used on the furniture.
Martha Stewart Furniture2 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Martha Stewart Crafting Furniture 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Craft Space Gift wrap Hutch, 34"Hx42"W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $169

Martha Stewart Crafting Furniture1 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Craft Space Table, 36"Hx54"W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $249

Craft Space Table, 31"Hx54"W, $229

RHODODNDRN LEAF Collection 5 Ways to Makeover Your Spare Room

Collection in Rhododndrn Leaf:

-Craft Space Deep Cubby Organizer, 13"Hx21"W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $69

-Craft Space Left Cubby Organizer, LEFT, RHODODNDRN LEAF $27

-Craft Space Corkboard, CORK, RHODODNDRN LEAF $49

-Standard File Cabinet, 31"Hx21"W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $159

-Small Cubby Drawer, TALL-6"Hx5.25"W, $6

-Tall Cubbie Drawer, SHORT-4"Hx5"W,$6

-Zigzag Drawer Insert, 16.75"Wx11.25"D,$16

-Storage Console, SHORT-31"Hx21"W, $129

-Magazine File, 11.5"Hx4.25"W, $14

-Letter File Cubbie Drawer, LETTER FILE, $14

-Deep Cubbie Drawer, TALL-6"Hx5"W, $9

Collection in Picket Fence :

- Craft Space Gift wrap Hutch, 34"Hx42"W, $169

-Craft Space 42"w Storage Console, LONG-31"Hx42"W, $179

-Craft Space Deep Cubbie Drawer, TALL-6"Hx5"W,$9

-Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Table, 31"Hx54"W, $229

-Craft Space Center Cubby Organizer, CENTER, $59

-Craft Space Paper Organizer, PAPER-13"Hx21"W, $119

-Craft Space Right Cubby Organizer, RIGHT, $27

-Craft Space Standard File Cabinet, 31"Hx21"W, $159

-Storage Console, SHORT-31"Hx21"W, $129

Collection in Sharkey Gray:

-Craft Space 21"w Storage Console, SHORT-31"Hx21"W, $103

- Craft Space Paper Organizer, PAPER-13"Hx21"W, $119

--Craft Space Deep Cubby Organizer, 13"Hx21"W,$69

Additional Beautiful Pieces:

-Martha Stewart Larsson Desk in Black, $399

-Martha Stewart Living Larsson Cabinet $199

-Martha Stewart Living Ingrid File Console $399

-Martha Stewart Living Larsson Swivel Desk Chair $124

-Martha Stewart Living™ Ingrid Console Table, $279

- Martha Stewart Living Ingrid 3-Shelf Bookcase $259

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