7 Tips for Selecting Elegant Office Furniture

Stunning French Styled Desks With Brass Louis XVI Hardware 7 Tips for Selecting Elegant Office Furniture

Stunning French Styled Desks With Brass Louis XV Hardware From French Style Authority

We all know the harsh reality – our co-workers see more of us than our own families. Such is the life of the working person. Between our commute and our desk job, we do a lot of sitting.

Thus, choosing office furniture that is both stylish and functional is paramount to a productive work environment. But where do you start?

First, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) How big is the space, and for how many employees?

2) What image does the company want to portray, and how does that fit into the current décor?

3) What is the budget?

Take the answers from the above questions and apply the following tips.


The color, type of wood/material, and size set the stage for any office. It portrays the rank of employees, from cubicles to the CEO’s office. Add a touch of class to the building while achieving functionality with your desks.

Lightweight steel desks are durable, but can have a “cold” appearance. Dress it up with laminate tops that range in various colors of wood grain pattern. In today’s changing world, the ability to move desks and office spaces around is important and much easier to do with a steel desk than a mahogany one.

Desk chairs

There is one buzz word to remember: ergonomics.

When selecting seats for employees, remember to choose arm rests and chairs that adjust in height, tilt, and have a wide range of motion. Adjustable seats allow people of different heights to adequately see the computer screen and have enough back support.

Architectural Drawings 7 Tips for Selecting Elegant Office Furniture

Lobby/waiting room chairs

For visitors, bucket seats and wingback chairs are appealing and can be chosen if they fit with the décor. However, your visitors need to be comfortable but not ready for a nap.

Arm rests are equally important because they allow people to have their own space. Avoid slippery seat covers, but opt for chairs that have backs to them.


Do not confuse desk filing with filing cabinets. Reams of printouts, correspondence, and other paper communication are a hazard of office life. It doesn’t need to consume the employee’s workspace, however.

Silver or wrought-iron filing systems that sit on a desktop or hang from a low cubicle wall are perfect for staying organized.

Oftentimes, plastic holders are chosen to cut costs. Try to resist the urge. These do not last long, and they look cheap.

Filing cabinets

Ignore the metal monstrosities. If you must use old filing cabinets, hide them away from public view. Not only is it unappealing, it’s uninviting.

Think efficient and mobile. Such filing systems offer a better use of space, such as two- and three-drawer lateral files or overhead shelving.


Often overlooked, bookcases can offer a studious yet utilitarian appearance to an office. Consider the location before purchasing. Features include adjustable or stackable shelving, and they can be freestanding, built into the wall or corners, or attach to the walls.

Bookcase finishes range and should be chosen to match the desks of the office.

When to buy?

Elegant office furniture is a pricey venture. The best time to purchase is during tax return time or the back-to-school season. Furniture stores usually try to cash in on tax rebates and the ramping up of the school year during these periods.

Laura Burkey writes for numerous blogs on topics including gardening, online reputations, retail business operations, and parenting.

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