2014 Kitchen Trends – Glass Cabinets And Open Shelving

Grainne and Ian's Edinburgh House

Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh

Guest Post- Jason Phillips

For years, we've been using kitchen cabinets to hide away cereal boxes, dishes, pancake mixes and coffee mugs. Things are about to change as the newest kitchen trends for 2014 are all about open shelving and glass cabinets. Display your kitchen ware and open up those cabinets for the whole world to see what's! Let the makeover process begin.

Kitchens have become a core meeting place for families, so why not make them look fashionable? Whether you're having breakfast with the whole family in the morning or you're gossiping with your friends over a fun cooking session, it has become a tendency for homeowners to opt for glass cabinets and open shelving. Let everyone admire your newest pots and pans, or brag with your cooking skills by showing off your (Read More.....)


Furniture And Cabinet Design Trends For 2014

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Guest Post Jason Phillips

We all want our homes to look chic and trending, and today there are a lot of alternatives to look at. Nowadays everyone wants to go green, so guess what? Eco-friendly furniture is convenient, affordable, and stylish. This year it's all about personal style, color, unusual materials, and vintage influences. So let's have a closer look at some really cool furniture design trends for 2014.

Personal style

This year's most prominent trend in home design is called 'individualized interior'. Many homeowners want their spaces to portray their personality, history, and family values.  Homes today often include both modern with vintage influences. While some people go after the vintage and antique interior looks, others like a touch of color and modern elements.  Here are some really hip examples:

  • Metal & glass tables - these beautiful decor items are not just trendy, they're also practical. Forget about old-fashioned coffee tables and think outside the box. Glass tables reflect natural light which means they (Read More.....)


Low Cost Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Vintage Ornate Door Knocker Drawer Pull w Back Plate Architectural Salvage

Vintage Ornate Door Knocker Drawer Pull w Back Plate Architectural Salvage pdj2011

If you have ever gone through the kitchen remodeling process, you might be well aware of the costs associated with upgrading your existing cabinets.  Brand new cabinetry will take up a huge chunk out of your remodeling budget. Sometimes it becomes necessary to install the brand new cabinets when the old ones are in very poor condition. But if your goal is just to refresh the look of your kitchen with (Read More.....)


Plumbing Tool Kit: 6 Tools You Must Have

Must Have Plumbing ToolsWhether it’s a new or an old house plumbing issue occurs everywhere. As these are some common problems of living.Houses with interior plumbing systems will eventually cause choking and leakage. Because of this a plumbing kit must be in your tools.

When it comes to the plumbing tools there is a wide variety available in the market. Mostly you might not need that wide variety of the tools at home but you might need some of them. Buying the most of the tools will just be a waste of money and will end up being useless for your home plumbing issues. Moreover you must buy those tools which you can easily use. These tools can also reduce the risk of causing any type of swelling and damage to your hands.

Pipe wrench is one of the most important tools that you must have in your plumbing tool kit. This is the most prominent tool in plumbing and is very necessary when it comes to plumbing. The pipe wrench is usually very useful to grip the round objects like pipes. The tightening and loosing of the pipes is based on its jagged teeth. There are a lot of sizes and shapes of pipe wrench available in the market which might differ in providing power to your plumbing work.

The jagged teeth of the wrenches in plumbing might damage the pipe, but this (Read More.....)


Which Hardware Style Goes Best with Which Furniture?

Cabinet HardwareLate Gustavian three-drawer chest, Sweden circa 1830, with marble top, brass hardware and gilding in the corner post reeding- CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques

There are many different hardware styles for furniture, depending on the look you're going for and the area of the house the piece is located. You'll find cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, cup pulls, appliance pulls, and bail pulls, to name a few. When deciding what hardware to purchase for your furniture or cabinets, it's a good idea to keep in mind the color and style of the cabinet or drawer and the from which time period the piece is.

Choosing the correct hardware style can be one of the hardest decisions when remodeling, so let's take a look at the different hardware styles available to make your decision a little bit easier.

Hardware Styles

When deciding on hardware for your household furniture and cabinets, you'll have a variety of styes from which to choose. Common styles include Chippendale, French, dragon, arbor, scalloped, and Hepplewhite. The style you need depends on the type of furniture the hardware will be used on (Read More.....)


5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Furniture Hardware

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John Saladino

Replacing hardware on your cabinetry and other bedroom, living room, and entryway furniture pieces isn't usually super complicated. It's something you can do yourself, typically in just a few minutes (per piece). Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't room for error. There are all sorts of mistakes you can make when you decide to replace your hardware yourself.

Mistake #1: Not Counting Ahead of Time

Obviously you've set a budget for this project, but do you know how far it needs to stretch? It's important to count how many replacement pieces you are going to need before you start shopping. The last thing you want is to get home and realize you're a knob or pull short (especially if you purchased all of the remaining stock in a certain style)!

Mistake #2: Piece Tracking

Yes, technically, you could pile the screws and tools you need close by and reach for what you need. But what are (Read More.....)


Painting Cabinets: Yay or Nay?

Amy D. Morris Interiors, Antique Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, DIY kitchen Updates, Hardware, Painted Cabinets, Painted FurnitureAmy D. Morris Interiors

It's amazing how strong the opinions are held by many people about the finer points of home interior design. Some won't consider a kitchen without granite counter tops. Others insist on crown molding in family rooms. There are even those whose aesthetic preferences eliminate homes that don't have hardwood floors throughout.

Another point of contention occurs in kitchens. There are those folks who feel very strongly about whether or not to paint kitchen cabinets. Is this something that should be avoided at all costs? Or is it a viable option for the modern homeowner?

Paint or Replace?

The answer largely depends on what the other options are. For example, if a person is weighing to paint his or her cabinets or replace them altogether, then painting should be considered. After all, if the cabinets themselves are structurally sound and operate perfectly, it's not usually wise to get rid of them simply because they don't look good. In this case, exploring different paint colors is preferable to ripping out properly-functioning (Read More.....)


5 House Repairs That Will Keep Your Family in Good Health

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Designer Jennifer Baines Interiors

Guest Post Annette Hazard

Remodel Your Kitchen

It may not seem like it, but the kitchen can be a healthy beacon of light in an otherwise unhealthy home. If you dislike your current setup, though, you and your family likely find it difficult to tolerate being in the kitchen long enough to prepare a healthy meal. Replacing the counter surfaces, cabinets, appliances—and, if you are feeling ambitious, the flooring—can make this area of your home more pleasant. This will make you more inclined to cook, cutting out both the caloric and monetary expense of eating out.

Lead Removal

If your home was built before 1978, there may be lead paint on some of its interior surfaces. The presence of lead paint leads to the presence of lead particles, which could be found in dust, paint chips and even the soil outside your home that your (Read More.....)