4 Popular Furniture Hardware Styles

4 Popular Furniture Hardware Styles

Guest Post - Andrew Lisa

The evolution of furniture has had a greater impact on classic Western style than perhaps any medium other than art. Whether it's a showpiece for a room, part of a collection or a piece designed to make a profit at an auction, furniture is functional art that beautifies an interior while serving a purpose. Knowing the basics is key to identifying the finest pieces when you see them.

Whether functional, cosmetic or both, furniture hardware can complement the piece to which it is attached, serve as an accent piece or simply brighten up an otherwise dull cabinet, drawer, desk or door. From hinges to knobs to pulls to furniture feet, hardware offers an opportunity like no other to make something elegant out of something functional.

Here are some of the top styles for modern furniture hardware.

Birdcage Pulls

Different from doorknobs, which are lever-action mechanical devices, knobs and pulls found on cabinets and furniture are often the most functional and eye catching element of the entire piece. Ornate and decorative, birdcage pulls can be rustic and antique, sleek and modern, or anything in between.

Bearing the classic shape of standard fixed pulls, birdcage (Read More.....)


Painting Cabinets: Yay or Nay?

Amy D. Morris Interiors, Antique Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, DIY kitchen Updates, Hardware, Painted Cabinets, Painted FurnitureAmy D. Morris Interiors

It's amazing how strong the opinions are held by many people about the finer points of home interior design. Some won't consider a kitchen without granite counter tops. Others insist on crown molding in family rooms. There are even those whose aesthetic preferences eliminate homes that don't have hardwood floors throughout.

Another point of contention occurs in kitchens. There are those folks who feel very strongly about whether or not to paint kitchen cabinets. Is this something that should be avoided at all costs? Or is it a viable option for the modern homeowner?

Paint or Replace?

The answer largely depends on what the other options are. For example, if a person is weighing to paint his or her cabinets or replace them altogether, then painting should be considered. After all, if the cabinets themselves are structurally sound and operate perfectly, it's not usually wise to get rid of them simply because they don't look good. In this case, exploring different paint colors is preferable to ripping out properly-functioning (Read More.....)


Cabinetry Terms 101: Study These Before Shopping!

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Atlanta Homes Magazine

Buying new cabinetry for your home can be complicated and intimidating, especially if you've never done it before. You're probably worried about your inexperience showing through and being preyed upon by a commission-hungry salesperson. You're also worried that you won't know enough to make smart decisions and buy what you actually need for your remodel.

Luckily, there's a ton of information out there to help you put some of those fears to rest. You can start by learning the following lingo.

1-Piece Slab: A single piece of wood with little to no ornamentation (maybe some decorative designs carved near the edges but rarely anything more ornate). Sometimes these are called "solid wood" slabs. They are at a risk for warping over time, (Read More.....)


4 Warning Signs That Your Cabinets Need a Makeover

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But the ad said "like new!"

The kitchen is where many of us spend the most time in our house, whether we are cooking meals or cleaning up afterward. Unfortunately, our kitchen cabinets age over time, leaving them in need of serious repair or a total makeover.

It's easy to tell when that time comes, with broken hardware, peeling paint, water stains, and broken shelves. Being proactive and keeping an eye open for problems can help prevent costly repairs in the future, and keep kitchen cabinets looking good.

Take a Look at the Exterior

One of the most efficient ways to determine if kitchen cabinets need a makeover is to simply take a look at the exterior. If there are signs of peeling paint, staining, chipped wood, (Read More.....)


Darryl Carter’s Approach To Rustic Styled Decorating

Pieces from Darryl Carter's New Boutique- Elle Decor Magazine

Those who love a clean, refined yet comfortable spaces will find inspiration from designer Darryl Carter's perspective on the home.

In The New Traditional, Darryl Carter laid out the principles of his recognized design aesthetic, which balances individual comfort with a subtle color palette to achieve serene and timeless style. Now, Darryl explores the essence of what brings a home to life, from textures to multipurpose furniture to unexpected objects.

The Collected (Read More.....)


5 Tips for Buying Cabinets Online

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture & Interior Design

You’ve worked hard all day, and the last thing you want to do is drag yourself through crowded home improvement stores looking at cabinets. Skip the stores, put on your comfy pants, and find those cabinets online.

Shopping online for cabinets is not as daunting as you may think. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have those beautiful new cabinets installed in your home before you can say “virtual shopping cart.”

Get Out the Measuring Stick

Before you get online and fall in love with a beautiful set of cabinets, take measurements. You don’t want to waste time drooling over the perfect cabinets only to find out they will never fit in your home. Knowing the correct measurements will also narrow your search results and give you more time to relax.

Do Your Homework

Take time to read online reviews for the (Read More.....)


Found Objects as Cabinet Hardware

Antique French Pine Cone Commode - Spectacular rustic antique French mountain region 3 drawer book-matched  walnut commode. This commode is in very nice condition, only the drawers  needed restoration to work like new

When you are looking for a good way to spruce up your cabinets, there is no quicker or easier way to do it than with new hardware. The classic metals and even ceramics are all well and good, but what if you want your cabinets to be truly unique? Well, here are ten great found object ideas that you can use when you update your cabinet hardware:

1. Silverware –Spoons, forks and even butter knifes make for great handles. You can bend them to form the correct shape or just use as is.

2. Spools of thread – Add an empty spool to your cabinet to make it really stand out. Simple and elegant, you get to express your love for sewing in a subtle way.

3. Keys –An old fashioned key is sturdy enough to stand up to years of wear and attractive enough to stand out. Whether you want the filigreed look or something simpler, there is a wide selection (Read More.....)


Inexpensive Drawer Pulls & Knobs

I used to paint and refinish furniture as a part time hobby and so I was always looking for inexpensive hardware without a hefty cost that would cut into my profit margin.   JA Elements on Amazon sells a beautiful round die cast knob that could give your furniture a touch of class without spending a lot of money.  They cost only .65 cents a piece.  I used to buy them at a local hardware store for $1 a piece.  They are perfect for the person who turns over furniture, or for that inexpensive dresser that needs a new makeover.  The polished brass looks terrific against a black, or colonial red dresser.  The knob itself has a bit of a classic look to it, so you cannot go wrong. (Read More.....)