2014 Kitchen Trends – Glass Cabinets And Open Shelving

Grainne and Ian's Edinburgh House

Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh

Guest Post- Jason Phillips

For years, we've been using kitchen cabinets to hide away cereal boxes, dishes, pancake mixes and coffee mugs. Things are about to change as the newest kitchen trends for 2014 are all about open shelving and glass cabinets. Display your kitchen ware and open up those cabinets for the whole world to see what's! Let the makeover process begin.

Kitchens have become a core meeting place for families, so why not make them look fashionable? Whether you're having breakfast with the whole family in the morning or you're gossiping with your friends over a fun cooking session, it has become a tendency for homeowners to opt for glass cabinets and open shelving. Let everyone admire your newest pots and pans, or brag with your cooking skills by showing off your (Read More.....)


Furniture And Cabinet Design Trends For 2014

French Chair

Guest Post Jason Phillips

We all want our homes to look chic and trending, and today there are a lot of alternatives to look at. Nowadays everyone wants to go green, so guess what? Eco-friendly furniture is convenient, affordable, and stylish. This year it's all about personal style, color, unusual materials, and vintage influences. So let's have a closer look at some really cool furniture design trends for 2014.

Personal style

This year's most prominent trend in home design is called 'individualized interior'. Many homeowners want their spaces to portray their personality, history, and family values.  Homes today often include both modern with vintage influences. While some people go after the vintage and antique interior looks, others like a touch of color and modern elements.  Here are some really hip examples:

  • Metal & glass tables - these beautiful decor items are not just trendy, they're also practical. Forget about old-fashioned coffee tables and think outside the box. Glass tables reflect natural light which means they (Read More.....)


4 Steps For Re-painting Kitchen Cabinets And Furniture



Guest Post Jason Phillips

Who doesn’t love their kitchen cabinets when they’re new? As much as we’d want them to remain in perfect condition for years, at some point the finish and paint will wear off. The good news is you don’t have to invest another $5,000 to buy new cabinets because you can always reface them. Refacing cabinets is a trending remodeling idea because it allows homeowners to give their kitchens a complete makeover.

Is that old beige making your space look dull and unappealing? No problem; we have a fresh coat of purple paint waiting to bring your kitchen back to life. Let’s get this party started!

Removing the hardware

Let’s start with removing the hardware from your cabinets. Grab a screwdriver (or a drill) and start taking out handles, knobs, pulls, (Read More.....)


Cabinetry Terms 101: Study These Before Shopping!

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Atlanta Homes Magazine

Buying new cabinetry for your home can be complicated and intimidating, especially if you've never done it before. You're probably worried about your inexperience showing through and being preyed upon by a commission-hungry salesperson. You're also worried that you won't know enough to make smart decisions and buy what you actually need for your remodel.

Luckily, there's a ton of information out there to help you put some of those fears to rest. You can start by learning the following lingo.

1-Piece Slab: A single piece of wood with little to no ornamentation (maybe some decorative designs carved near the edges but rarely anything more ornate). Sometimes these are called "solid wood" slabs. They are at a risk for warping over time, (Read More.....)


Handles, Knobs, or Pulls: Which Type of Hardware Is Best for Your Room?

Traditional Symbols and Icons of India - Flickriver

Furnishing one’s bedroom is a task that some of us completely dread, and others of us relish. For those of us who relish the task, finding that perfect bedside table or dresser to complement the color palette we are using in our bedroom can bring joy for days to come.

Here, we’ll review how and which hardware is the best fit for different pieces of your bedroom furniture.


Knobs and pulls work best on dressers.

Anthropologie has a great selection of colorful knobs that can be used to customize a dresser and add a pop of color and style to an otherwise bland piece. One knob is usually best for smaller drawers, and wider drawers may require two knobs to make sure you get the right leverage to open the drawer.

Stand-alone closets

Because closet doors (Read More.....)


Using Cabinet Hardware to Bring Life to a Dull Kitchen or Bathroom

Sola Kitchens, London, United Kingdom

Feel like your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little dull? Want to add some interest and create a new look? Since cabinetry makes up a big portion of these rooms, the way they look can really impact the overall aesthetics of these spaces. However, replacing the cabinets can be quite costly.

What can you do to add some life to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets without breaking the bank? How about adding some new hardware? Cabinet hardware is like jewelry to an outfit: It completes the look and adds a pop of interest.

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are in good shape, there is really no reason to completely replace them in order to get a new look. With some new hardware and a little elbow grease, you can add some life to the cabinets and give your kitchen or bathroom an updated look.

Believe it or not, the hardware on your cabinets -- the knobs, pulls, and even the hinges -- really adds to their look. Cabinet hardware comes in all (Read More.....)


5 Ways to Dress Up Worn-Out Furniture & Cabinetry

This stunning chest is from Antiques on Old Plank Road. It sells for just above 19K

Classic Brass sells a wonderful Lion cup pull guaranteed to upgrade that special chest or cabinetry you are planning on making over. Classic Brass sells these stunning Lion pulls for $15.89 each, making them a stunning investment to that special family heirloom piece.

Furniture ages just like everything else...and like with most other things, you don't notice the small changes that happen to your furniture until one day, a few years (or maybe even a decade or more) down the line, you stop and say, "When did the table get so old-looking?" Or maybe someone comes over (Read More.....)


Home Furniture – Achieving the Balance Between Comfort and Aesthetics

Early 19th C French Chest in Figured Chestnut Inlaid with Ebonised Stringing

Decorating the interior of the structure in which you live is that essential ingredient that turns it from a house into a home. Among the largest, most obvious and certainly the most frequently used objects that you’ll have to consider are those that make up your furniture collection.

Historically, there has always been a balancing act between functionality and comfort. But is that a war that needs to be fought? This article is an examination of ways to achieve the middle ground between looking good and feeling good.

The Matching Collection Theory

One school of thought in interior design is based in the concept of symmetry and sameness. The idea that a room should be bound together with matching furniture makes it easy enough to purchase a set of pre-ordained (Read More.....)