2014 Kitchen Trends – Glass Cabinets And Open Shelving

Grainne and Ian’s Characterful Collection in Edinburgh

Guest Post- Jason Phillips

For years, we’ve been using kitchen cabinets to hide away cereal boxes, dishes, pancake mixes and coffee mugs. Things are about to change as the newest kitchen trends for 2014 are all about open shelving and glass cabinets. Display your kitchen [...]

Top Tips for Switching Out Your Cabinet Hardware

Louis XVI Style Matte Black Cabinet Ring Pulls 12 Pulls For $24 Dollars

Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to update your kitchen. And then you became annoyed when you checked your bank account and realized that you may not have the budget for a major remodel. Since you can’t purchase new appliances, [...]

Using Natural Stones as Hardware

Stone Hardware Featured on Design Sponge

When you think of natural stones perhaps you picture some plain brown river rocks or even those white stones they use for gravel driveways. While, yes, people have used those for cabinet hardware, that is not what I am talking about. Natural stones come in a wide [...]