Coastal Themed Kitchen Renovations

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Renovation of your kitchen with coastal theme is not so easy at it seems, most of the times people over do the settings and colorization to portray the seaside image. It comes up with a messy look of overstuffed beachy elements.

While remodeling your coastal kitchen, you need to pick each element with respect of rest of the layout to attain a well-structured design. Don’t make clusters of similar kinds and colors to build the theme, rather go for forming a flow of items placed nicely to elaborate the room with complete picture. This piece of writing will explain various factors and elements that can compose the real design inspired from coastal areas.

Coastal shades

For dressing a room with a particular theme, you need to decide the colors to start with. Coastal themes mostly base on few colors mainly with aqua, blue, light blue, white, pastel green and beige. If you wish to keep the kitchen zone calm and light then use white and lighter shades of aqua or blue to illustrate (Read More.....)


Painting Cabinets: Yay or Nay?

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It's amazing how strong the opinions are held by many people about the finer points of home interior design. Some won't consider a kitchen without granite counter tops. Others insist on crown molding in family rooms. There are even those whose aesthetic preferences eliminate homes that don't have hardwood floors throughout.

Another point of contention occurs in kitchens. There are those folks who feel very strongly about whether or not to paint kitchen cabinets. Is this something that should be avoided at all costs? Or is it a viable option for the modern homeowner?

Paint or Replace?

The answer largely depends on what the other options are. For example, if a person is weighing to paint his or her cabinets or replace them altogether, then painting should be considered. After all, if the cabinets themselves are structurally sound and operate perfectly, it's not usually wise to get rid of them simply because they don't look good. In this case, exploring different paint colors is preferable to ripping out properly-functioning (Read More.....)


6 Tips for Fitting New Cabinets into Your Household Budget

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Gray Wash Cabinets-

Renovating your house, especially your kitchen, can become an expensive project that can quickly eat through your budget. Purchasing and installing new kitchen cabinets is no exception. Instead of financing your entire project, it's a good idea to set a budget and save as much (Read More.....)


Cabinetry Terms 101: Study These Before Shopping!

Antique Hardware, Brass Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, French Hardware, Furniture Hardware, Hardware, Hardware Ideas, Painted Cabinets, Painted Furniture, Dream Kitchens, Kitchen Renovations, Kitchen transformations, New Cabinet Designs, Cabinet Makeovers, Cabinet Painting, DIY Cabinet Hardware Updates, DIY kitchen Updates

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Buying new cabinetry for your home can be complicated and intimidating, especially if you've never done it before. You're probably worried about your inexperience showing through and being preyed upon by a commission-hungry salesperson. You're also worried that you won't know enough to make smart decisions and buy what you actually need for your remodel.

Luckily, there's a ton of information out there to help you put some of those fears to rest. You can start by learning the following lingo.

1-Piece Slab: A single piece of wood with little to no ornamentation (maybe some decorative designs carved near the edges but rarely anything more ornate). Sometimes these are called "solid wood" slabs. They are at a risk for warping over time, (Read More.....)


DIY Furniture Hardware: Get Your Paints, Glue Sticks, and Supplies Out!

Tile Your Furniture

Delft Blue Tile With Extraordinary Bath Hardware

Whether you're thinking of trying to sell your house, or whether you're tired of waking up to the same old drab decor, you can rejuvenate your interior with  surprisingly little effort and money. With the exception of maybe painting your walls, sprucing up old furniture is probably the least expensive and least time-consuming thing you can do to dramatically improve the look and feel of an old, boring room.

Use this guide to breathe new life into that sad, sinking motif.


In its purest form, stenciling is as simple as drawing or tracing the silhouette of an image onto thick, durable paper like manilla, cutting it out, placing on a surface -- the top of a desk, the side of a dresser, anywhere paintable, really -- and painting or otherwise coloring the (Read More.....)


Handles, Knobs, or Pulls: Which Type of Hardware Is Best for Your Room?

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Furnishing one’s bedroom is a task that some of us completely dread, and others of us relish. For those of us who relish the task, finding that perfect bedside table or dresser to complement the color palette we are using in our bedroom can bring joy for days to come.

Here, we’ll review how and which hardware is the best fit for different pieces of your bedroom furniture.


Knobs and pulls work best on dressers.

Anthropologie has a great selection of colorful knobs that can be used to customize a dresser and add a pop of color and style to an otherwise bland piece. One knob is usually best for smaller drawers, and wider drawers may require two knobs to make sure you get the right leverage to open the drawer.

Stand-alone closets

Because closet doors (Read More.....)


Using Cabinet Hardware to Bring Life to a Dull Kitchen or Bathroom

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Feel like your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little dull? Want to add some interest and create a new look? Since cabinetry makes up a big portion of these rooms, the way they look can really impact the overall aesthetics of these spaces. However, replacing the cabinets can be quite costly.

What can you do to add some life to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets without breaking the bank? How about adding some new hardware? Cabinet hardware is like jewelry to an outfit: It completes the look and adds a pop of interest.

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are in good shape, there is really no reason to completely replace them in order to get a new look. With some new hardware and a little elbow grease, you can add some life to the cabinets and give your kitchen or bathroom an updated look.

Believe it or not, the hardware on your cabinets -- the knobs, pulls, and even the hinges -- really adds to their look. Cabinet hardware comes in all (Read More.....)


9 Tips for Selling Gently Used Furniture

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Nowadays, emphasis on reusing and repurposing has many people selling their gently used furniture instead of throwing it away. In addition to being better for the environment, selling used furniture benefits the seller and buyer financially.

To get the most out of used furniture sale, there are some tips that can be used to get furniture in tip-top shape. Incorporating some of these tips into the pre-sale process can ensure the furniture is safe, attractive, and ready to command the best possible price.

1. Clean it Up.

At the very least, a used furniture item should be cleaned before it's put up for sale. Remove dirt and stains with a solution that's appropriate for the type of material used to make the furniture.

2. Repair the Finish.

Scratches or peeling paint will decrease the value of gently used furniture. There are many wax-based products available that can fill in scratches so the owner can paint over them, resulting in a smooth finish.

3. Replace Hardware.

Old, broken hardware (Read More.....)