5 Gorgeous Kitchens with Boldly Colored Cabinets

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By Jane Blanchard

My childhood cabinetry experiences were pitched battles of kid versus cupboard. 11-year-old me faced off against 60-year-old cabinets. My weapons were naught but 80-grit sandpaper and my mother’s ultimatum: “Get the job done, or [...]

Latest Trend – Lighter, Softer Tones

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Wood types in dark colors such as rosewood, teak, walnut, and mahogany have been populating our homes for decades. Murky, shadowy hues in wood are not in trend anymore because they make homes seem too sinister. Softer tones have finally made an appearance, and [...]

Coastal Themed Kitchen Renovations

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Renovation of your kitchen with coastal theme is not so easy at it seems, most of the times people over do the settings and colorization to portray the seaside image. It comes up with a messy look of overstuffed beachy elements.

While remodeling your coastal kitchen, you need to pick each [...]