Coastal Themed Kitchen Renovations

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Renovation of your kitchen with coastal theme is not so easy at it seems, most of the times people over do the settings and colorization to portray the seaside image. It comes up with a messy look of overstuffed beachy elements.

While remodeling your coastal kitchen, you need to pick each element with respect of rest of the layout to attain a well-structured design. Don’t make clusters of similar kinds and colors to build the theme, rather go for forming a flow of items placed nicely to elaborate the room with complete picture. This piece of writing will explain various factors and elements that can compose the real design inspired from coastal areas.

Coastal shades

For dressing a room with a particular theme, you need to decide the colors to start with. Coastal themes mostly base on few colors mainly with aqua, blue, light blue, white, pastel green and beige. If you wish to keep the kitchen zone calm and light then use white and lighter shades of aqua or blue to illustrate (Read More.....)


6 Tips to Save on Your Apartment’s Boho Chic Look

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Image by decor8 holly via Flickr.

You can make the unique layout of an eclectic apartment work to your advantage. By utilizing the right resources and making the most of your unusual space, make your home bohemian chic without making you boho poor.

Stalk Websites

Retailers, such as Urban Outfitters, as well as sites like Pinterest and Instagram, have lots of pictures that can help you generate ideas to make your apartment boho chic. While you might be able to find some affordable options online, many of the products might be too pricey for your budget. Once you add shipping costs, the final (Read More.....)


DIY Furniture Hardware: Get Your Paints, Glue Sticks, and Supplies Out!

Tile Your Furniture

Delft Blue Tile With Extraordinary Bath Hardware

Whether you're thinking of trying to sell your house, or whether you're tired of waking up to the same old drab decor, you can rejuvenate your interior with  surprisingly little effort and money. With the exception of maybe painting your walls, sprucing up old furniture is probably the least expensive and least time-consuming thing you can do to dramatically improve the look and feel of an old, boring room.

Use this guide to breathe new life into that sad, sinking motif.


In its purest form, stenciling is as simple as drawing or tracing the silhouette of an image onto thick, durable paper like manilla, cutting it out, placing on a surface -- the top of a desk, the side of a dresser, anywhere paintable, really -- and painting or otherwise coloring the (Read More.....)


Using Cabinet Hardware to Bring Life to a Dull Kitchen or Bathroom

Sola Kitchens, London, United Kingdom

Feel like your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little dull? Want to add some interest and create a new look? Since cabinetry makes up a big portion of these rooms, the way they look can really impact the overall aesthetics of these spaces. However, replacing the cabinets can be quite costly.

What can you do to add some life to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets without breaking the bank? How about adding some new hardware? Cabinet hardware is like jewelry to an outfit: It completes the look and adds a pop of interest.

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are in good shape, there is really no reason to completely replace them in order to get a new look. With some new hardware and a little elbow grease, you can add some life to the cabinets and give your kitchen or bathroom an updated look.

Believe it or not, the hardware on your cabinets -- the knobs, pulls, and even the hinges -- really adds to their look. Cabinet hardware comes in all (Read More.....)


Mix and Match Hardware

Whether you want to update the hardware in your kitchen or on an old dresser, have fun with it and mix it up. You don’t have to match or have a uniformed look. Your style can be depicted in mixing and matching different hardware. Mixing and matching gives your piece a unique and individualized look. But there are a few rules you may want to consider when mixing and matching:

·    Limit the number of different texture and finishes on one item or in one room. Do not use more than two different textures to prevent a chaotic feel.

·    Use complimenting colors and use a color wheel as a guide. Choosing different shades of one color is also a pretty look for any item or room.

·    It’s best to stick to one pattern scheme and theme when it comes to mix and matching your hardware. If you choose chevron, stay with chevron-if you choose to do polka dots make sure all of them are polka dot.

·    Slowly start to build a collection of hardware by visiting your favorite stores and putting together your favorite pieces. It’s a long process but definitely worth it in the end after you see your finished product!

Have fun with it and keep the hardware an extension of your personality and (Read More.....)


Using Natural Stones as Hardware

Stone Hardware Featured on Design Sponge

When you think of natural stones perhaps you picture some plain brown river rocks or even those white stones they use for gravel driveways. While, yes, people have used those for cabinet hardware, that is not what I am talking about. Natural stones come in a wide array of beautiful colors, textures and sizes that can fit virtually any décor. From amethyst to Tiger Eye, you are bound to find a stone that will be perfect for your cabinet hardware or other decorating needs. Here are some stones to think about:

1.    Quartz – A common and relatively inexpensive mineral, quartz comes in a wide variety of colors from white to pink and even green. Unpolished, quartz has a cloudiness to it, but when it has been shaped and polished it is very shiny and durable. It can vary in shape and size, so it makes for a very good stone for many applications.

2.    Amethyst – This purple mineral is a type of quartz but is not usually sold under that name. It is quite popular because of its beautiful shade and abundance. Naturally it forms sharp crystals and (Read More.....)


Anthropologie Matches Style with Hardware

Anthropologie is more than a trendy clothing store for college-aged women and hip young mothers. The store offers one-of-a-kind designs for cabinet hardware in an impressive variety of materials and designs.

The Cottage Home

The sunlit rooms of cottage homes are often filled with small trinkets and details. Quilts, distressed paint and vintage décor are all the rage in the shabby chic designs that have traveled from the countryside into urban apartments from coast-to-coast. You can combine the sweet, natural elements of the outdoors with your cabinets by using ceramic flower knobs created by Anthropologie. You may also like porcelain knobs that are fashioned after birds.

Ginger Flower Knob,

Tweet Knob

The Colorful Home

Full of color and texture, homes with rich color pallets are perfect for displaying hand-painted knobs. Many of Anthropologie’s hand-painted knobs convey an old-world charm and feature bold colors. Consider using these knobs on kitchen cabinets and use a complementing painted tile for a backsplash.

(Read More.....)


Abodent’s Whimsical Dresser Hardware

Getting the Vintage Look

In a previous post, we profiled Out of the Blue Design Studios, which makes a unique range of glass door knobs. The studio’s colourful and fun collection of handmade knobs makes a real feature of any cabinet door, and complements a kitchen by adding a quirky twist and element of intrigue. One thing is for sure; the overall look and feel of a kitchen can be totally transformed and completed through choosing the right door knobs and handles. For this post, we explore that theory further.

One look that people often strive to achieve is “vintage”. Shabby chic cabinets are going through a phase of popularity as people seek to convey a feeling of days gone by. Distressed wood and classic cottage-style cabinets are in demand now, more than ever, as people seek to break away from the boom-time trend of inoffensive and clinical plain units.

However, as we know, the overall style of a kitchen much depends on the finishing touches. A traditional Victorian cabinet, for example, would be pointless if then paired with a 20cm-long stainless steel (Read More.....)