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Renovation of your kitchen with coastal theme is not so easy at it seems, most of the times people over do the settings and colorization to portray the seaside image. It comes up with a messy look of overstuffed beachy elements.

While remodeling your coastal kitchen, you need to pick each element with respect of rest of the layout to attain a well-structured design. Don’t make clusters of similar kinds and colors to build the theme, rather go for forming a flow of items placed nicely to elaborate the room with complete picture. This piece of writing will explain various factors and elements that can compose the real design inspired from coastal areas.

Coastal shades

For dressing a room with a particular theme, you need to decide the colors to start with. Coastal themes mostly base on few colors mainly with aqua, blue, light blue, white, pastel green and beige. If you wish to keep the kitchen zone calm and light then use white and lighter shades of aqua or blue to illustrate the approach. To make the room active and lively, try out medium intensity colors that will bring the vibrancy in the section. You can also make a contrast with kitchen cabinets and counters with light and dark shades.

Dinner ware

In kitchen remodeling, only walls, cabinets, counter and flooring are not the main objects to change. Kitchen cutlery, crockery and dinner ware also plays an important role for expression of design. Blue china goes well with the white based layout, whereas green walled kitchen can experiment with fresh green jars and tea sets. Similarly, in beige and white kitchen you can fill your counters with pure white china sets along with rustic textured silver tea pots that makes it look vintage aspired. You can also stay contemporary by sustaining cooking pots in black and rest of dinner sets in bright shades.

Matching jars and containers

Kitchen counters are usually filled with transparent jars and bulky containers to store edibles. They look amazing to complement the theme of coastal style if you change the color in pastel blues, glowing greys, refreshing greens and aqua tints. They will standout to embellish the kitchen with amazing display of pretty colors. If you need a sharp appeal in them, try out orange and shocking pink hues with rare touches.

Open shelving

Coastal kitchens are very casual and simple, so prefer installing open shelving to display the dinner ware and other utensils. There is another way to maintain fragile pots and crockery with safety that is to merge open selves with few distinctive glass framed cabinets. It will help you to store few of less used and delicate things inside the cupboard and display rest of them on the selves as country living. Open shelving provide clear view and easy accessibility, they are convenient to clean and maintain also. Few or contemporary style shelving in modern styles such as floating shelves are also available in market.

Seaside elements

As you are laying a design of seaside kitchen, you must look forward to add such objects that are related to the landscape. For instance you can decorate a transparent vase with fresh sea grass to place at the corner, hang a piece of art printed on canvas prints to beautify walls with glamorous hangings, decorate shelving and corners with hand crafted arts and artifacts such as sailing boat models and tiny wooden oars, thick wicker buckets with dangling bare branches will also look elegant in addition to above mentioned trimmings. Sea shells and fishy figures can also be a part of kitchen décor. Make use of anchor light suspensions and caged light fixtures to accommodate the lighting features of coastal kitchen.

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Author Mary Kay Andrews and her husband, Tom, fulfilled their dream of living on a coast when they bought a fixer-upper on Tybee Island, Georgia. Many coats of paint, vintage finds, and beach treasures later, the Breeze Inn is a cozy cottage perfect for gathering friends Visit

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