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Collecting Tools- Feature In Country Living Magazine

What makes a great gift for a cabinetmaker? Chances are, the cabinetmaker you know already has a wide selection of woodworking tools and specialty tools for building cabinets. While a quality tool he may not have always makes a good gift, how do you know what to pick? These items make the must-have list for any cabinetmaker. Try to figure out what your friend already has, and buy a tool from the list below that complements his workshop.


This tool is a necessity to introduce those smooth, clean edges to cabinets, dressers and other projects. These tools also work well for squaring up wood prior to assembly, because the cabinet will be an absolute bear to assemble if your wood is not accurate in dimension. A small portable planer with a 10" width and a 5" depth should suffice for most jobs.


This isn't a commonly used tool in cabinetry, which means that your friend may not own one. A chainsaw allows woodworkers to cut wood safely and quickly. Woodworkers who make smaller pieces may appreciate the gift of a chainsaw because they can use it to cut down trees in their yard and recycle the wood in their workshop. The cabinetmaker can use the harvested wood to create cabinets, make cabinet pulls and add decorative hardwood touches to dressers and drawers.


The router adds a nice finished edge to wood, which can help transform a basic cabinet into a polished piece. Look for a router with a so-called soft start feature, which means that it starts slowly and builds up speed. You can also purchase different router bits to give the wood a finishing effect such as a rounded edge, dovetail, cove edge or chamfer. These bits may be sold as kits and can make a nice gift on their own if your cabinetmaking friend already owns a router.


Since woodworkers can get by without a shaper because a router performs many of the same tasks, this may make a nice addition to your friend's workshop because he may not have it yet. Because the shaper rests on a table and has a more powerful motor than the router, a woodworker can use this tool for harder woods and more difficult jobs, like creating raised panel cabinet doors.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig -

The Kreg jig boasts a three-part "drill, drive, done" finishing system that makes joins simple to finish. There's no glue, no math and no clamping in Kreg joinery. Woodworkers enjoy the Kreg pocket hole jig because they save time and effort while still maintaining the same quality on the finished product. The Kreg jig kit includes an instruction manual, instructional DVD, carrying case, starter screw and plug set, jig, drill bit and 6-inch square driver. If your friend has the basic kit, consider buying a Kreg jig screw kit, which offers five different sized screws.

These are just some of the items commonly used in cabinetmaking that would make great gifts for friends or family members interested in woodworking. Since tools can get expensive, always find out what the return policy is before you buy. Most woodworkers won't need multiples of these items, so you'll want to ensure that any repeats can be returned.

Lindsey is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area and she writes on behalf of Sears and other deserving brands. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.

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Collecting Tools- Feature In Country Living Magazine

Written By Melinda Page, Photos Alison Gootee

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[store wood vertically with brackets to create sections]

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This tool cabinet will make your work a pleasure and would be a unique and decorative addition to any workshop. Tools in finest quality (wooden handles and quality blades), with custom made cabinet mountings. Constructed of solid pear wood, surfaces oiled and polished using natural products.

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