How To Increase Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

If you have a small kitchen, then you probably have to make the most of your kitchen cabinet space.  Cabinets are filled with utensils, pans, cutlery and other items.  Your storage space doesn’t have to be packed in if you increase your cabinet space.  Here are some tips on increasing and maximizing your cabinet space without breaking the bank.

Tambour Doors:  Tambour doors are perfect additions to a corner or wall cabinet installation.  The pull down door makes it easy for you to conceal appliances such as a coffee or espresso maker if you are not using it making storage and extra space easier.

Door Racks: No need to occupy shelf space when you can mount racks on the inside of doors.  Small items such as spices and various sauces can be kept on racks.  Use the freed up shelf space for heavier bigger items.

Flap Doors:  This type of door doesn’t save the space within a cabinet but rather the space outside of the cabinet.  Flap doors open up toward the ceiling instead of to the side so it does not interfere with your counter or cooking space.   This comes in handy when you have a counter full of material as you’re preparing a big meal.

Lazy Susans: Adding lazy Susans enables you to access items typically stored in the back of your cabinets.  Lazy Susans are built so the shelves rotate out.  Most designers are able to customize these units specifically to the shape and size of your kitchen.

Shelf Expanders: If you’re not interested in lazy Susans or want something different, installing a tiered shelf expander can also help you reach items typically placed in the back of most cabinets.  Shelf expanders are convenient, easy to install, and make your kitchen items easily accessible.

These are just some of the easy solutions you can utilize to increase your kitchen cabinet space without spending a fortune.  All of the suggestions listed here can be done at home without a professional if you choose to do so.

Kent Yuen is a writer for Granite Transformations, a home remodeling company that utilizes recycled Skyy vodka bottles for its products.

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