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Wood types in dark colors such as rosewood, teak, walnut, and mahogany have been populating our homes for decades. Murky, shadowy hues in wood are not in trend anymore because they make homes seem too sinister. Softer tones have finally made an appearance, and this year the most popular types of wood are oak, pine, chestnut, maple, and birch. Invest in light, organic wood elements to open up your home and make it brighter. Give your personal space a complete makeover and add soft wood tones to prepare it for the bright summer season.

Honey-Toned Woods - pastels, crisp white and beige make spaces open up

What we love most about light wood is that it makes rooms bigger, wider and airier. The traditional office space from 10 years ago was all gloomy and cluttered due to darker shades of wood used for desks and bookshelves. Things have changed a lot, and we finally understand that offices should be light and bright for us to work properly and enjoy our time spent in front of a desk. Honey-toned woods, crisp whites and pastels are excellent for this summer season.

One of the most pleasurable aspects of interior decorating with wood is selecting the pieces of furniture and mixing them with the rest of your decor items. Coordinating individual elements and making seem harmonious when combined can be challenging for the average homeowner with no eye for interior design. Nonetheless, learning how to blend wood colors can also be a rewarding experience. Mixing light & bright birch, complimenting a home decor with pleasant mid-tones of oak, and including decor elements made of pine can be exhausting. And yet, you can make your home look both attractive and cohesive if you invest in the right wood tones.

Light Wood Tones Feel Less Heavy

Both traditional and contemporary homes should invest in lighter wood items for their personal spaces. The fine texture of maple for example, will brighten up your living room and it will change its appearance to 180 degrees. Purchase a maple coffee table and enjoy the resistant, beautiful properties of this wood type.

Pine is also an excellent alternative to darker furniture items. It is a soft wood that grows mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. Featuring over 100 species around the world, pine comes in pale yellow and white shades, perfect for a modern home decor.

Raw Wood

This summer season is all about making homes seem all-natural, organic, and raw. Wood can help us achieve that effect. Tables, chairs, and desks made of raw oak wood with no staining, lacquer or polish can be an excellent addition to a classic, traditional living room decor. You don't need a lot of money to buy a raw wood table as you can always grab a sander and do the work yourself. Head over to your garage and look for the oldest, most unattractive table you have stashed behind books and others items. You'll certainly find something worth restoring.

Light Wood Is Becoming Increasingly More Popular

Unlike dark wood, lighter tones are meant to add light into a room. Whether you choose to buy new furniture in brighter shades of wood, or you're thinking of restoring old elements, always remember that it can be extremely versatile. It goes perfectly with all types of decor influences. Wood is a malleable material. It is extremely structural, and thus it blends smoothly with a modern home. On the other hand, it can also be used to give your home a traditional, cottage appeal.

Soft wood is excellent for a DIY project. If you're the type of homeowner who cares for the environment and would rather make a table rather than buy it, you should probably head over online to explore the countless DIY projects to make decor items from wood. It's amazing how much wooden decorations can change our home's appeal. Softer, lighter hues will make our spaces seem wider, brighter and a lot more welcoming for friends and family. Among some of the most convenient types of wood we have oak, chestnut, birch and pine. They're all excellent choices for wooden tables and chairs, not to mention that investing in these types of wood is quite affordable.

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