Out of the Blue: Door Knobs Add Amazing Intrigue To Any Kitchen

Out Of The Blue 500x500 Out of the Blue: Door Knobs Add Amazing Intrigue To Any KitchenThe impact of door knobs on the overall look of a kitchen is surprisingly significant. This is why there is such a large market for them, and therefore such a huge choice available. Most people will choose something safe and classic for their kitchens. However, what about when you want something really different? This article explores a range of imaginative and beautiful door knobs
on offer from an innovative design studio called Out of the Blue.

Works of Art

The products are so popular that they were recently featured on HGTV. Out of the Blue's products are a real mix of art and practicality. The studio features a range of over 200 handmade glass door knobs. It was founded 12 years ago by an art and glass collector, Alex Matheson, who was working in the business of
manufacturing commercial locks and decorative hardware. Alex stumbled upon the idea of making these beautiful door knobs when he was renovating a bathroom. He personally made a set of shower door knobs and was so proud of them that he started showing them to retailers. He received such a positive response that he decided to keep adding more designs, and he quickly extended his range to include kitchen hardware and cabinet knobs.

Each door knob is unique

Each design is highly individual and, for those that want a kitchen with a little bit of a difference, the wide selection of knobs is sure to offer something unique.

Each design is hand-crafted from solid glass using the “Lampworking” or “Furnace Glass” techniques. However, Out of the Blue prides itself on the fact that each individual design is made in its own unique way.  “Hundreds of different techniques, processes and artist's secrets are utilized in the creation of all the unique Art Glass designs we offer,” says the company. “We go to great lengths to make sure that each piece of decorative hardware we create will be as special to you as it is to us making it.” The site also states that part of the appeal of the knobs is that there aren’t any that are exactly the same as each other; the nature of the furnacing process often means that color hues, position
of elements and size varies slightly from piece to piece. This, they state, makes each knob a “totally unique work of art.”

Color changing LED door handles

Further to its impressive range of cabinet door knobs, Out of the Blue has also now launched a line of door pulls. Door pulls are those types of handles found on many modern kitchen cabinets; usually ranging from anything between 10 cm to 30 cm in length. However, Out of the Blue’s range is a collection with a
difference; each door pull is lit with cutting-edge color-changing LED lighting. This innovative design enables the handle to change through a rainbow of colors by simply tapping on a hand-held remote controller. This is a particularly unusual approach to hardware finishing touches and is a great way to ensure that you never get bored of your kitchen. Designs include spiraling rainbows, and classic clear glass. Each handle can be made in lengths of up to 36 inches, and between 1.75 – 2 inches in diameter.


When fitting a kitchen, it is important to take all costs into account, right down to the cabinet door knobs. Browsing through Out of the Blue’s collection, one can see that achieving the perfect look is not just down to the obvious aspects such as cabinet design and material choices, but is as much to do with the finishing touches. Therefore, once you’ve tallied everything up, the cost of fitting your dream kitchen can be quite considerable, especially if you want to get it absolutely perfect. Remortgaging a home can be a good option when it comes to getting access to those extra funds that are often needed. Providing you have sufficient equity in your home (this amount differs between mortgage
providers) many lenders will consider lending you a greater percentage of your home's loan to value, therefore allowing you access to some of the equity.

Most will agree that Out of the Blue's selection of cabinet door knobs are truly beautiful additions to any kitchen - and you are sure to have lots of fun browsing through Alex's unique and unusual range, which includes anything from blue and green globes to knobs resembling disco balls.


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