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Brass Hardware 500x461 P.E. Guerin Hardware

P.E. Guerin is the oldest decorative hardware firm in the United States, and the only metal foundry in New York City. The company was started in 1857 by French immigrant Pierre Emmanuel Guerin and is at the very location in Greenwich Village since 1892. Pierre Emmanuel Guerin was one of the pioneers in artistic metalwork in New York City.  His work can still be found in various public buildings, and important residences throughout the city and the country.

“Our products can be found almost anywhere around the country,” says Martin Grubman, manager. “They’re in the White House, the Henry Ford Mansion - that’s now a part of the University of Michigan -  and almost any museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, has our espangnolettes in the Louis XVI as well as our curtain hardware in the Early American wing.  The Chicago Art Institute has our products, as well as the Louis XV room at the St. Louis Art Museum - it’s our hardware on the doors and windows.”

P.E. Guerin, Inc. has undergone a number of changes during the 150 years they have been in business. They have grown from a single location into a worldwide business that includes foundries in Valencia, Spain, and Lisbon, Portugal; six showrooms across the U.S.; and the original four-story factory and foundry in Greenwich Village, New York.  The business has been passed down to four generations, and remains a family business, now owned and directed by Pierre Emmanuel’s great grandnephew, Andrew F. Ward.

Our biggest sellers (i.e., Empire, Louis XVI, sconces, provincial hardware, cabinet knobs, draw and cabinet pulls, wrought brass moldings, galleries and rosettes), can be found in just about every large house in the country,” he explains. “Primarily, it’s doors and plumbing, but actresses, actors, major business people, athletes all have our products. And, we do custom orders or anything that our clients require. We had someone who wanted us to make a hippo faucet—he liked hippos—and he loves it. Someone else saw it, and they asked us to create an elephant faucet, so we were able to do that, as well. We can make anything out of brass, and it appears extremely refined.”

Check out these unique looks behind the business of  P.E. Guerin Hardware:

Behind the Scenes at P.E. Guerin- Veranda Magazine -See how faucets, knobs, and drawer pulls are forged from molten brass using the same process—and commitment to craftsmanship—the company has relied on for over a century.

A Look Behind P.E. Guerin Hardware -New York Social Diary - If you want a little piece of New York time travel, make an appointment—if only on a pretext—to enter the Dickensian world of P. E. Guerin, the oldest decorative hardware firm in the U.S. right here on Jane Street in Greenwich Village.

P.E. Guerin fabricated this wall mounted two tone fish spout1 P.E. Guerin Hardware

P.E. Guerin fabricated this wall-mounted, two-tone fish spout

French Hardware 500x583 P.E. Guerin Hardware

about us flagship banner1 500x285 P.E. Guerin Hardware

Stunning Antique Looking Knobs

Custom cabinet knobs and levers. 500x380 P.E. Guerin HardwareCustom cabinet knobs and levers.

Elephant cabinet knobs in process of being plated. 500x445 P.E. Guerin Hardware

Elephant cabinet knobs in process of being plated- New York Social Diary

Louis XVI Brass Hardware 500x618 P.E. Guerin Hardware

Empire Furniture 500x875 P.E. Guerin Hardware

P.E. Guerin P.E. Guerin Hardware

Assorted patterns for ornamenting furniture. 500x380 P.E. Guerin HardwareAssorted patterns for ornamenting furniture.

Wall Sconces P.E. Guerin Hardware

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