5 House Repairs That Will Keep Your Family in Good Health

Designer Jennifer Baines Interiors

Guest Post Annette Hazard

Remodel Your Kitchen

It may not seem like it, but the kitchen can be a healthy beacon of light in an otherwise unhealthy home. If you dislike your current setup, though, you and your family likely find it difficult to tolerate being [...]

Handles, Knobs, or Pulls: Which Type of Hardware Is Best for Your Room?

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Furnishing one’s bedroom is a task that some of us completely dread, and others of us relish. For those of us who relish the task, finding that perfect bedside table or dresser to complement the color palette we are using in our [...]

4 Ways To Save Money When Investing In Tools

There’s a lot of incentive to become handy around the home. By being able to fix small problems around the home, you can get repair work done much faster, and at a much lower cost than when you hire a handyman to do the job for you. Over time, the costs of this in-home [...]