Coastal Themed Kitchen Renovations


Renovation of your kitchen with coastal theme is not so easy at it seems, most of the times people over do the settings and colorization to portray the seaside image. It comes up with a messy look of overstuffed beachy elements.

While remodeling your coastal kitchen, you need to pick each [...]

Quick Cabinet Installations

Designer Jeanette Whitson

Guest Post- Denish Verma

Cabinets, being an integral part of wardrobe provide sufficient space for storage of distinctive objects. One can say that it has both commercial and personal use. It is used in diverse places, whether it is home, shop, hospitals, schools or offices, the design changes as [...]

Cabinetry Terms 101: Study These Before Shopping!

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Buying new cabinetry for your home can be complicated and intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. You’re probably worried about your inexperience showing through and being preyed upon by a commission-hungry salesperson. You’re also worried that you won’t know enough to make smart decisions and [...]