P.E. Guerin Hardware

P.E. Guerin is the oldest decorative hardware firm in the United States, and the only metal foundry in New York City. The company was started in 1857 by French immigrant Pierre Emmanuel Guerin and is at the very location in Greenwich Village since 1892. Pierre Emmanuel Guerin was one of the pioneers in artistic metalwork in New York City.  His work can still be found in various public buildings, and important residences throughout the city and the country.

“Our products can be found almost anywhere around the country,” says Martin Grubman, manager. “They’re in the White House, the Henry Ford Mansion - that’s now a part of the University of Michigan -  and almost any museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, has our espangnolettes in the Louis XVI as well as our curtain hardware in the Early American wing.  The Chicago Art Institute has our products, as well as the Louis XV room at the St. Louis Art Museum - it’s our hardware on the doors and windows.”

P.E. Guerin, Inc. has undergone a number of changes during the 150 years they have been in business. They have grown from a single location into a worldwide business that includes foundries in Valencia, Spain, and (Read More.....)


Classic English Cabinetry Hardware

Cabinet hardware makes a big impact on home design. Whether you are remodeling your home, building a new one or just want to freshen up your existing cabinets consider investing in Decorite Hardware.Decorite Hardware carries a number of architectural elements for your home.  Consider looking through their catalogue here, to get some good ideas for some of the modern storage ideas for inside your cabinetry.  They also sell chrome wall brackets for your bedroom closet shelving.

Their  cabinet knobs and pulls selection features some of the most beautiful classic hardware that will stay in style for years to come.  Forged from solid materials, their cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls are finished in an array of colors and designs.  Update bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets or (Read More.....)


Cabinet Rope Hardware

David Yurman is one of the best modern jewelers of our time, and is known world wide for his rope necklaces and rings.  Over the years as fads have and go, and his jewelry continues to be worn because the the elegance and simplicity of the rope design.  The rope design has been seen in home decorating for over hundred of years, so it is no wonder that they still use this wonderful design.  Rope styled hardware is a classic choice that you cannot go wrong with.  Looking through pages of hardware for this site, I sift through dated hardware that continues to be sold (Read More.....)