Update Your Furniture: Paint Your Hardware

Swedish Chest In Old Red Paint 500x500 Update Your Furniture: Paint Your HardwareSwedish Chest In Old Red Paint- Ann Koerner Antiques

Some flea market finds you just have to take home, no matter what they look like. Other times you have hardware for your cabinets on hand but you hate the color. What can you do? Here are some easy to do tips on removing old paint, painting, and antiquing your cabinet hardware in just minutes. It is so quick and easy you won’t believe you have not done it before.

1.    Removing Paint –Getting paint off is often easier said than done. However there are several methods. If you are looking for a smooth, paint-less finish then you should go for a paint stripper. This is full of harsh chemicals but it does the job. It can damage some materials though. You can also sand or scrape away paint with sandpaper or wire brushes. If the hardware is metal, you can submerge it in a pot of baking soda and water. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer until the paint softens enough to be pulled or wiped off.

2.    Painting – Painting your knobs and pulls is super easy. Remove the knobs from your cabinets first. All you have to do is clean it well, preferably with a degreaser to remove any oil buildup from hands and cooking, etc. Then sand down the parts you can reach. Once any loose paint or debris is sanded off wipe it clean and let it dry all the way. Then use spray paint to paint it whatever shade will work. Make sure the paint matches the material of your knobs. Plastic, metal or wood all require different paints. Go for something with a sheen to have it last a long time.  They have metal colored paints like silver and bronze, stone colored and textured paints, and every color of the rainbow. Try to avoid drips and coat it at least twice. Let it dry completely before reattaching.

3.    Antiquing with Paint – It is easier than it sounds. Rustoleum even has a simple kit! All you have to do is follow the directions for painting above and then add a brush on top coat of a darker shade for an antique look. You can also scrape away with sandpaper or dampen the paint slightly as it dries so it chips off for a shabby chic flair.

Consider painting your hardware the same color as your furniture.  Add a bit of brown glaze over the entire piece after it is painted to antique the paint.  Your hardware will look sensational in the same color.

As you can see, painting or repainting your hardware to suit your style is simple and fast. It takes just thirty minutes to change a kitchen from drab to fab. Try it out in your home and see what a difference it makes.

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