Why Brass Hardware?

img6481 500x533 Why Brass Hardware?

The type of hardware you select can play an important role in the overall look and design of your home. Depending on the decorating style you decide for your home, the color of finish can enhancing the decorating theme in your home. Popular finishes include Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Shiny finishes such as polished brass and polished chrome have been especially popular in home decor and furniture hardware since the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Shiny brass, for example is a very popular choice with Regency and Federal styled furniture. Brass can be an elegant choice for mahogany, and burl woods. Brass hardware also stands out against painted furniture. Polished brass can be prone to tarnishing over time so this style will need additional maintenance.  Polishing the hardware every couple years will keep this metal bright.

Lacquers can be applied to prevent tarnish as well as physical vapor deposition (PVD) can be applied to resist tarnish and corrosion. PVD is especially popular for kick plates and other outdoor hardware because it also provides higher resistance to scratching.

Decoratour Blog posted some great pictures from the March 2013 House and Home Magazine.

Here are some of the tips

"Vintage can be tricky to collect,so Art Deco and Victorian pulls are well suited to bathroom
vanities where only a few or even just a pair are needed."

"Vintage gilt accents add a welcome touch of whimsy to this power room"

"Modern gold pulls add a sense of history to contemporary kitchens without compromising on sleek lines"

"Vintage coat hooks are a terrific way to get big impact from warm metal in virtually any room of the house. A great alternative to a towel bar in a space-challenged kitchen or bath"

"I'm always interested in finding new uses for everyday items. Seeing a common object
used in an unexpected way adds visual impact and a whole lot of character"

img6471 500x609 Why Brass Hardware?  img6472 500x255 Why Brass Hardware?

img648 500x629 Why Brass Hardware?

Mr Mrs Smith Greenwich Suite bathroom 500x348 Why Brass Hardware?

Mr & Mrs Smith - Greenwich Suite Bathroom

Midcentury Wood Dresser Architectural Anarchy on One Kings Lane Why Brass Hardware?

 Modern Hardware On A Vintage Painted Dresser

Architectural Anarchy on One Kings Lane

P.E. Guerin Hardware 500x645 Why Brass Hardware?  P.E. Guerin Hardware

burnt steel brass by jordens arkitekter 500x657 Why Brass Hardware?  Burnt steel & brass, By Jordens Arkitekter

Munger Interiors Featured on Cote De Texas Blog1 500x577 Why Brass Hardware?

Munger Interiors Featured on Cote De Texas Blog

Metropolitan Museum of Art Why Brass Hardware?

Metropolitan Museum of Art

turquoise tile + brass hardware Why Brass Hardware?  Turquoise tile + Brass hardware

Emerald Painted Architecture 500x739 Why Brass Hardware?

Emerald Painted Architecture Source: nymag.com

Athena Calderone Harpers Bazaar 500x737 Why Brass Hardware?  Athena Calderone- Harpers Bazaar

Pictures of Paris Hardware Why Brass Hardware?  Pictures of Paris - Hardware

Painted Architectural Doors With Brass Hardware Why Brass Hardware?
Painted Architectural Doors With Brass Hardware

French Restauration 3 Drawer Commode 2 500x613 Why Brass Hardware?  Lion Pull Hardware on French Restauration Commode

John Saladino From Splendid Willow 500x637 Why Brass Hardware?

John Saladino From Splendid Willow Blog

The Great American House Gil Schafer 500x615 Why Brass Hardware?  The Great American House- Gil Schafer- Find it On Amazon

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